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If the evolution of the market is such that we cannot live on the sidelines, we remain convinced of the merits of our humanist approach. The respect of our clients and our employees is essential in our daily environment. We have always favored loyalty, frankness and openness. The well-being of our colleagues is at the center of our concern.

We continue to believe that success, whatever it is, is based on the qualities and abilities of the men and women who work in the company.

Christian Mauris, Founder and Director of the AMS Group

Switzerland is a country made up mainly of SMEs. Its GDP is "fed" by these SMEs. The story of our group began on December 18, 1986 in a different but equally complex environment.

We worked hard, we invested ourselves, but our pugnacity got the better of time.

Today we are part of the economic fabric of the canton of Geneva and Switzerland and we are proud of it. We are preparing for the future every day and we are determined to ensure the long-term sustainability of the group.

Men are just passing by, companies are staying.


Creation of FICA SA


Takeover of GERFID SA


Creation of AMS Conseils SA


Member of JPA International


Creation of AMS Audit SA

Our group is based on four principles:


We are totally independent of any banking or financial institution. Our only interests are yours. Our entrepreneurial and ethical spirit guides us, with a clear line of conduct: to put honesty at the service of ambition.


True experts, our employees are all graduates in their areas of expertise, to ensure the accuracy and rigor of the services offered. On a daily basis, we operate in 6 languages. We guarantee an accompaniment of an irreproachable quality and relations of confidence.


Our core business is keeping abreast of political and economic news, so we can adapt our resource management strategy accordingly. This responsiveness is also reflected in our approach to the customer relationship: we make a point of being present at your side, and responsive in our interactions.


Its establishment in Geneva since its inception has allowed AMS Audit SA to forge a strong local network of professionals (notaries, lawyers, bankers, insurers) to which have been added for several years a clientele and a network of international collaborators.

Our team

We will constantly look for talents whose fields of expertise complement each other. Individuals who impress us, by their talent, by their taste for the human, by their passion for their job.

We help them to grow and develop professionally, in order to put their skills and expertise at your disposal. We are proud to introduce our team.

AMS Conseils SA

AMS Audit SA